Keywords – Crucial in the Cannabis Industry

Keyword research is the foundation of content marketing strategies. Starting with keyword research is the best starting point when rewriting a website, creating new services and product pages, and running a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel. Keyword research is a great way to understand what your customers are saying. Knowing how customers describe your product, service, or problems they encounter makes your content easier to understand and find. The problem with cannabis content is that the terms used by the audience could be inaccurate, inconsistent, or commercially inappropriate. Every cannabis company wants to be number one on Google. That’s easy to do if there aren’t many businesses that share your name.

Check the first page of Google for terms that describe your industry, such as, “CBD oil for stress,” or, “a legit cannabis store near me.” In search engine optimization, these search terms are called keywords. Keywords can be one or two words, but they can also be sentences, phrases, or entire questions. To make keywords searchable they must be included on the website. Choosing a keyword for each page of a website is optimal and should be used in the content of the page, as well as the URL, and image file names or alt tags. Having these search terms on the page allows for them to be found by search engines. Knowing what keywords to use helps to provide the best content for a website based on what people are searching for online. 

Keywords are the building blocks of any online marketing agency. Once a keyword list has been started it can be used to understand the terms people use when finding specific products. The same keywords are often used when the people are searching for different products online, and knowing what words are popular  helps increase visibility. Keywords can be used to track history of purchases, newsletters, promotions, reviews, and even the success rates of Pay-Per-Click marketing.

In addition to keywords for SEO, other features can set you apart in the cannabis industry. Make sure your website is mobile optimized. Local search happens more often on mobile devices, and an easily navigable website will draw in more customers. Likewise, you need to build a technically sound website to improve the speed and direction of your website. These minor tweaks can make you more appealing than the competition.

The main goal of SEO in the cannabis industry is to use of marijuana keywords to increase sales. New competitors are constantly entering the market, and keywords and marketing strategies are constantly changing. Hiring a marketing company helps businesses navigate this ever changing arena. 420 Marketeers provides advertising and consulting services for businesses in the marijuana industry, and can help your business excel through online marketing.