Promoting Marijuana and Dispensaries Online

Step 1. Create a Professional Website
A good looking website is the backbone of success for any modern business, but especially cannabis related businesses. Due to the limits placed on marijuana marketing, operating a website is often the best way to get information about products out to consumers and builds patient confidence in the dispensary. Unprofessional design can lead to puzzling layouts that cause confusion with potential customers. These errors can lead to loss of revenue or spread of misinformation, hurting the business more than helping it.
A website’s purpose should focus on more than displaying products. Websites symbolize the brands they represent, and operate as the online store front for customers. Motivate site visitors to stay longer with interactive pages and relevant information to what they’re after. Companies that operate websites can expect great returns on their investment, especially the more user-friendly the site is. Online customers enjoy websites that operate smoothly on desktops and mobile devices and the flexibility online shopping provides. An additional way to produce income is by selling advertisement space for relevant businesses on the website. Two-way marketing campaigns are a powerful way to boost publicity and profits.

Step 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization increases how many users will see a link to your site when they enter specific keywords into a search engine. For cannabis and dispensary business owners, this is very important. Here are a few ranking factors of a successful SEO planning, which should be put into practice by marketing professionals:
*Correct naming for each content page (Title tags);
*Discovering the most competitive keywords;
* Proper structure for the content (Header tags);
* Appropriate details for images (alt/title tags);
* Structure of content for smooth navigation and search;
* Creating internal links to aid with interconnection of pages;
* Creation of relevant URLs.

Step 3. Promote With Google
Google has become synonymous with performing an online search despite there being many search engines. High targeted visibility will allow your cannabis business to grow rapidly. Unfortunately, sales of marijuana and dispensary items are a controversial area. Some typical online tools, such as Google Ads and Google Shopping, are unusable by the cannabis industry. However, other tools, like Google Maps, can still be utilized.

Google Maps:
Google Maps allow customers to recognize specific types of businesses in any area. However, it is not only helpful for brick-and-mortar stores. Online businesses, including marijuana providers, also benefit from incorporating it into their marketing strategy. The listing service is free and a wonderful way to reach your target audience. Customers searching for marijuana or cannabis suppliers can be connected to the website directly. When someone uses Google to perform an online search, Google Maps provides nearby listings for relevant businesses. This means that whoever is searching for marijuana or cannabis online may see your location. All you need to get started is to create a Google business profile, permitting you to use the promotional power of location-based search to the fullest. Once the profile has been established and verified, it will automatically index your name, address, and phone number. You can sign up by visiting Google My Business. Note that your ranking in the search directly depends on your search optimization efforts. An effective marketing tactics strategy will get your Google profile to the top of the “nearby” list on the map. Additional benefits to proper SEO are that customers will be able to see reviews, business hours, website address, and any ongoing promotions.