Seven Backlink Tips For Dispensaries

While maintaining a webpage requires constantly updating the main page and generating new content, it is important to retain old content and make it accessible to website visitors and search providers. Putting direct links in an article to related articles that could be useful will keep visitors on your pages when seeking useful information rather … Read more

Tips for Cannabis Packaging

Tips for Cannabis Packaging

No matter what product you sell, the packaging is critical to maintaining business integrity, reliability, and compliance. Cannabis products are unique in that they do not fall under federal law. With no federal guidelines, each state has different packaging and label requirements. This adds additional obstacles to the cannabis packaging industry, but when followed correctly … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Impact of AI On SEO

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Artificial intelligence has been very effective in recent years and has been a good topic of discussion. In the modern era of digital marketing, a significant trend has been artificial intelligence (AI). Whether in manufacturing, operations, or sales, AI is being used in various positions, allowing for a high degree of automation and cost reduction. … Read more

Social Media Tips for Dispensaries

Social Media Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries

Promoting the cannabis industry through mainstream means can be frustrating. In addition to the cannabis industry having to follow strict state and risk breaking federal laws, selling cannabis products often involves other restrictions. However, when you consider there are over 246 million social media users in the United States, using these platforms for promotion can … Read more

Keywords – Crucial in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Medical Marijuana Keywords Important in Cannabis Industry

Keyword research is the foundation of content marketing strategies. Starting with keyword research is the best starting point when rewriting a website, creating new services and product pages, and running a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel. Keyword research is a great way to understand what your customers are saying. Knowing how customers describe your product, … Read more

How To Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Optimize Cannabis Content for Voice Search

As voice assistant technology becomes more intelligent and powerful, there are a lot of advertisements built around the voice search function. According to Statista, around 3.25 billion people around the world currently use voice search. Some reports predict the number will reach 8 billion by 2023. Voice search refers to using speech to give commands … Read more

SMS Marketing Tips for Dispensaries

Cannabis SMS Marketing Tips for Marijuana Dispensaries

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for cannabis marketers. The average open-rate of text messages is 95%. The strategies and tips in this guide will help ensure that your text messages are delivered, read, and will generate revenue for your product. The more effective your SMS marketing is, the higher your sales will be.   … Read more

All You Need to Know About Sending Reorder Emails

Sending Reorder Emails for Cannabis Industry

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically generate repeat purchases? This way, all you have to do is acquire new customers without worrying about constantly bringing them back to your store for additional purchases. This is incredibly tempting when repeat customers are more profitable than unique customers and even when a slight increase in … Read more

A New Way to Think About Survey Emails

Survey Emails for Cannabis Industry

You want to improve your business strategy, and you are very motivated to do better. To find out which way to go, did you start sending survey emails to customers, but received almost no response? That’s no surprise —the average response rate of customer surveys is about 14%, and only world-renowned, large companies can reach … Read more

Testimonial Emails and Why Your Business Needs Them

Testimonial Emails and Why Your Cannabis Business Needs Them

You know that testimonials can have a massive impact by influencing potential customers who do business with you. But knowing how to get a testimonial or review is not always that simple. That is why we created this guide, to provide you with the information and tools you need to effectively solicit customer testimonials and … Read more