How to Optimize a Google My Business Account

Being listed in regional maps and directories is essential for any cannabis business.Google My Business is a business platform that operates a lot like a social media website. Enhancing online presence with GMB is a great tool, and it is also totally free! Google My Business tallying can bring your marijuana dispensary to a whole new level. Suppliers featured in GMB regional searches have a significant advantage over their competitors. This guide will explain Google My Business and the advantages it offers to the cannabis industry.

Why Utilize Google My Business?

Many customers turn to Google first when looking for answers to their questions about a product or service. Nearly all searches for a product or service are looking for a local or regional solution to their needs. This remains true in the cannabis business. Individuals often find the answer to their query on the first page of results. The higher on the page your dispensary is found, the more likely potential customers will notice it. A Google My Business account is a free way to manage who is seeing your content, encounter additional clients, and trade more products.

Claim Listing

Google your own cannabis company to see what comes up. Claim an existing listing or create a new one if none are found. Businesses that have been around for a while but never created their own listing may find they have an unclaimed listing on Google already. Claiming a listing allows more control over the content over what information is listed. Google Maps is the easiest way to find and edit your company’s details. If you cannot find your business in the app, a Google My Business profile must be made from scratch.

Stage 1. Arranging a Profile

Google My Business is easily confused with Google Business. These are two separate, even though related, services. With a Google My Business account, you may create your Google Business profile. The only requirement for setting up a Google My Business profile is to have a Gmail account, which must be used to sign into Google My Business.


Remain detailed. Give attentiveness to each field and provide as many details as possible. This allows the search engine to be more exact when providing your business as an answer to queries. Additional customers can find your company from listings, so keeping things up to date and accurate is important. A few more tips and suggestions are:

Keep the company name and logo the same online to prevent confusion.
Make sure address and contact information is the same across websites and social media accounts.
Maintain a listing of both normal hours and update any changes, whether permanent or for a holiday or vacation.
Do not attempt to modify anything in the “against the company” disclaimer —It is an automatically developed editorial overview.
The following passage — “Against the company” — is your opportunity to make an excellent appearance to your viewers.

Boost Account

Fill in the “Info” section of a Google My Business account with as clear and complete communication as possible. Therefore utilize the maximum total of 750 characters and make essential points in the first 250. Reposting information from your website’s “About Us” section is a great way to utilize this space. Obey these tips:
Contain favorite keywords used in the industry you occupy (the terms consumers usually enter into Google when searching).
Represent the characteristics and benefits consumers value the most.
You should not enter any web or HTML links into this section.

Select a Classification and Characteristics

That is a vital aspect when creating a profile. Through classification, you create a better presence via Google search. The search engine can match your category to corresponding queries and should be the category that most accurately represents the business. However, you are not restricted to a single classification and can choose a lead as well as sub-classifications. Highlight elements unique to cannabis and your dispensary. Google will provide attributes like buyer ranking and propose ways to help your listing improve in performance. The more helpful your listing, the more potential buyers will check out your products. Stay as detailed as possible to stand out among results, as some searches can deliver over 4,000 different answers!
Characteristics are elements that apply specifically to what consumers are looking for within the broader topic classification. Once your profile is complete, it is ready for validation.

Stage 2. Confirming Your Google My Business Listing

Google takes an old-fashioned approach to confirming businesses and sends postcards to business addresses for confirmation. The postcard contains the confirmation code to verify the business. After verification your dispensary will start indexing in local searches. All the tools of GMB may then be utilized — reviews, analytics, and insights. Until a profile is confirmed, modifications to the profile are disabled on Google My Business.

Stage 3. Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search rankings, when one business succeeds, another fails. When a competing business advances in ranking, they force others to the bottom. Optimizing how your page is found can give you an advantage by making it easier for people to find information about your dispensary. A higher listing means potential consumers are more likely to see the business, so search engine optimization should be a priority.

Attach Images

One of the most helpful ways of showing consumers what a business is about is through images. Images can be designed logos or pictures of the dispensary itself and can push sales by appearing attractive to potential customers. Capturing pictures of the dispensary from various angles can help buyers recognize the physical space and should be taken at multiple times throughout the day, reflecting business hours. While exterior photos are great, pictures of the interior can give viewers an idea of what it is like to be inside the dispensary. A more welcoming environment will attract the most customers. In addition to pictures of the business location, images that include well known cannabis products or team members help create an inviting atmosphere.
GMB images should be uploaded in the JPG or PNG format sized between 10KB and 5MB. Include relevant keywords in file names that define your company to assist with SEO.

Geotag Pictures

Including geotags provides more accuracy and specificity to your page. The metadata of each image file can include geographical details. Associating photos with a specific location can make them easier to find for some searches. When looking for a product, most people will include the location they are looking to purchase it in, for example, “cannabis dispensary, Prague.” Images that include geotags will top the list of regional search results. Free tools like GeoImgr are available to add tags and keywords to metadata of images (EXIF). Any pictures shared on your GMB profile should include a geotag to increase your page’s visibility.

Completely Fill Out Profile and Engage With Visitors

A company’s name does not always reflect what is provided. That’s why including goods and services provided on your page is essential. This detail enhances the grade corresponding to regional queries in terms of SEO, and is of greater assistance to potential customers. The more complete your GMB profile is, the more useful it becomes to both company and customers. There is a forum for visitors to ask questions regarding companies listed on GMB, and answering the questions yourself will not only show you provide excellent customer service, but it will save potential customers from incorrect information answered by a third party.

Stage 4. Obtaining Reviews on Google

Google allows businesses to interact with their buyers and react to their reviews. This demonstrates that you appreciate your buyers and their opinion. Favorable reviews from your buyers will enhance your business’ visibility and boost a potential customer’s possibility of visiting, as many consumers look at reviews when considering making a purchase. Businesses should respond to all statements, both criticisms and compliments. What is the most helpful mode to do this?
Each statement deserves a reply — one quick and genuine response. For positive reviews, show your gratitude. Thank them for their support and feedback in a way that does not seem generic and shows you value them as a customer. Be sure to ask the review writer to return. Your goal is to make them feel appreciated and respected. For negative reviews, apologize for any inconvenience and the desire to perform better. Let the reviewer know their view matters and avoid arguing, going on the defensive, or accusing the customer. Be courteous and concise, asking them if you may reach out privately to discuss how to fix the issue. Reaching out privately is quite more useful than a quick reply, but if no public reply is given, viewers may believe the criticism was ignored.
Customers may text you directly through elevated GMB messaging. Their messages will arrive at the phone number defined on your GMB profile. Allowing this feature of GMB will greatly improve your power to assist potential customers.

Managing Your Google My Business Profile

Optimizing a GMB profile can be a complicated effort. It should become an organic and continuous feature of your digital marketing steps. Here are six tips for achievement:
Revise pages to remain accurate.
Create posts and pictures weekly.
Request and reply to feedback.
Respond to queries.
Reply to notifications.
Include the latest features.

Managing Your GMB Profile Challenging?

Google My Business optimization is not necessarily difficult, but is time consuming. Several businesses hire SEO agencies to help in this effort. Specialists like 420 Marketeers excel at cannabis related marketing and look forward to assisting dispensaries expand their reach.