Seven Backlink Tips For Dispensaries

While maintaining a webpage requires constantly updating the main page and generating new content, it is important to retain old content and make it accessible to website visitors and search providers. Putting direct links in an article to related articles that could be useful will keep visitors on your pages when seeking useful information rather than starting a new search, which could take them elsewhere. The better the backlinks maintained, the higher a website may rank in Google searches, and greater use by website visitors. Developing too many backlinks may restrict progress rather than support it, as an abundance of links can come off as spam. Here are seven valuable tips in tactfully using backlinks to improve a dispensary’s online presence.



Valuable content entices and amuses website users. The belief “content is king,” is true when it comes to engaging internet users. Excellent content is something individuals find useful and want to engage with by posting comments or sharing with others. Providing high quality content is the most promising form of bringing traffic to a website through online search engines.



Visitors talking about different cannabis forums and websites is a great way to get organic backlinks to your website. Creating content that people want to share with others can be challenging, but can help the individual sharing the content as well as the original content provider. Creating content that others want to share on their own can be challenging, but hiring a marketing team can increase the quality and amount of posts being shared. There are many marketing teams specializing in the cannabis industry capable of creating or rewriting content. Original content is more valuable than posting the same content that can be found other places online, and hiring a marketing team will keep your website from containing information that looks copied from elsewhere. Marketing teams are also aware of keywords and phrases, content policies on different social media pages, and other regulations involved with posting cannabis related content. If content is flagged or removed for violating policies, it can’t be shared by others. The more content is shared by those that find it useful the more successful your content becomes.



Online forums for every subject relating to cannabis are a great way to gain referral traffic and generate backlinks. The important thing when commenting or answering questions in a forum is to be human and not a company. Companies are often restricted from posting links as it is considered spam on conversational forums. Answer questions with information that can be found on your website, offering a link to where you found the information. Individuals are more likely to check out a link sent to them from another person rather than what could appear as an advertisement or spam. Helpful information is more likely to be shared further when it is found through another individual rather than offered by a brand. Placing backlinks in your signature on forums is another way to accumulate traffic, especially when posting excellent remarks or answers. 



A press disclaimer is an effective method for gaining a quick burst of traffic and generating backlinks. Press disclaimers are shared on major communications websites and provide information on how your content can be shared. Place backlinks within the disclaimer and when a news source picks up your content the backlinks will be shared along with it.



Posting the offer for a job generates backlink traffic through the boards, directories, and feeds it is posted to. Creating a profile on job boards detailing your company statement and providing a link to your website will gain traffic from those interested in working in the cannabis industry. Backlinks can be placed in the job description as well as company profiles.



A 2.0 website allows users to create content underneath their subdomain, allowing for excellent backlinks from high authority domains. Creating a blog and building a presence on a few 2.0 websites is a great way to place backlinks and generate traffic to your own domain.



Including your company in any directory is a great idea—even Yellow pages and Foursquare.
Present the same business details to as many directories and regional listing websites as you can, providing a link to your website within. More listings improves chances of appearing higher on a search engine’s list and generating more referral traffic. Keeping every listing exactly the same across directories will generate the best results by utilizing search engine optimization.


Conclusive Thoughts


Assembling and utilizing these strategies will significantly increase the inflow of traffic and future customers to your cannabis company. Quality content and backlinks should be the foundation of any reliable marketing strategy and are essential to gaining additional customers as well as ranking higher on search engines.